Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | You've Reached Your Goal, Now What?



I want to piggyback on last week’s newsletter.  Last week I reminded you that your workouts have to be progressive in order to continue to drive the progress of getting better at whatever you are trying to improve upon. 

The Question Of The Day

What do you do when you achieve your goals?

Should you go into maintenance mode and just cruise along or maybe you pull the reins in and lower the intensity of your training for a while? 

Hell no! 

Here’s Why

Life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into our day-to-day grind that will cause us to slow down, miss workouts, or even stop.  It’s called: family obligations, work, vacation, injuries, getting the flu, or just loss of motivation.  We have built in off weeks throughout the year due to the aforementioned list.  There really isn’t any reason to slow down your training as long as life is working in your favor.   And in my opinion there is nothing worse then seeing your gains lost!

Keep your foot on the gas when the going is good because I promise you there is a monkey with a wrench waiting for you around the corner. 

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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | How To Make Progress


Defining Progress

  • Advancement
  • Development 
  • Closer to reaching the goal 
  • Underway
  • Growth

Progress can come in very small increments like logging your food for 3 days straight or it can come in a bigger block like losing 40 pounds in six months.  Making progress is an adventure and it shouldn’t be taken for granted or dismissed no matter how small. 

On the flip side…stoppage, a decrease, or hitting the dreaded plateau can completely destroy our growth, which generally leaves people discouraged, depletes motivation, and makes it hard to stick it out.

It Takes Time

Weight loss, exchanging poor habits for better ones, and having a new outlook does not come in a matter of minutes, hours, days, or weeks.  It’s compiling day by day, month after month and year after year, where these changes become cemented into our daily routines. 

Progress isn’t just handed out, it’s earned the old fashion way.  The issue isn’t setting lofty goals or celebrating the big milestones; the issue is starting with thinking small. 

Start with picking the low hanging fruit: walking everyday, lifting weights twice a week or logging your calories for a month straight.  Progress shouldn’t always be measured in the end result; it really starts with the small incremental increases towards change.   

Think Small

The easiest way to make progress, as I said, is to start thinking small.  You can have the goals of losing 30 or more pounds, decreasing your blood pressure and cholesterol, or even getting ready for an event like a wedding or running your first 5K.  All of these are great goals to have, but that’s you crossing the finish line. 

To get to the finish line we need you to think of checking the box “yes” for just today that you walked, did your squats, and didn’t reach for something unhealthy when the you know what hit the fan at work.  For just today, that is a WIN and just like any sports team you need to collect as many wins as you can to be successful.  It can be a long season and some days will without a doubt be better than others. It comes down to simple math, pile up wins and the end results will be you crossing the finish line reaching your goals.


The best tip I have for you to make progress is this - don’t make it complicated.  Nothing will stop your progress faster than complication.  People like to make things difficult when super easy works just fine.  Complicated diets, exercise programs, and the latest fitness fads are more about the sale and less about the bottom line.  Do not go down this road.  Complicated can leave you vulnerable to so many problems,  which usually ends up with you not finishing the job that you started. 

Simplicity is your ally. Simplicity is easy to follow, simplicity is easier to execute, and simplicity will get you there faster!!

What Does Simplicity Look Like?

  • It’s moving every day 
  • Logging your calories 
  • Not overeating 
  • Sticking to a simple exercise routine 
  • Eating real food 
  • Incrementally making your workouts harder 
  • Showing up everyday to do the work 

Progress is the point, it can come quickly or it can take months. Don’t shortchange yourself because you have made small gains. Every little bit counts!

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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Playing Favorites


A Passion of Mine

I know you are not supposed to pick favorites…but too bad, I did! I would venture to guess that you are going to be surprised at my answer. My favorite population to work with is not athletes or weekend warriors.  The Baby Boomer generation is where it’s at for me.  These silver foxes don’t deadlift 500 lbs. nor do they run a sub four-minute mile.  But they do deadlift 65 lbs. and push the sled. Now that gets me excited!

This generation is much different than mine and younger generations.  They understand hard work better than anyone I have ever met.  There is no self-entitlement or woe is me in their vocabulary.  They have a wisdom that comes with age, they know how to deal with adversity, and most importantly they understand that there is a process, and that process does not happen overnight.  There is a lot that can be learned from the Baby Boomers. 

Why I Love Baby Boomers

The reason I love to work with this population is because I get to see their lives change more than anyone else I work with.  We are able to hold back Father Time! They get stronger, better balance, better posture, denser bones, and more confidence in their physical ability.  Instead of living life on a very narrow street, so to speak, they’re trucking down the 405 freeway doing 75 mph.

If you have kids you understand the significance of milestones and how awesome it is to see someone do something for the very first time.  The problem is, those milestones that we once took for granted start disappearing because the body is starting to break down as we age.  At least a few times a month I get to witness breakthroughs.  Skills that they thought were lost just so happen to show up again -  strength, balance, conditioning, and confidence.  This is the best part of my job! 

My Challenge To You

I am challenging you to encourage your grandparents, parents, and friends that it is never too late to pick up a weight, walk around the block, go to a yoga class, and eat healthier.  

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