I want to piggyback on last week’s newsletter.  Last week I reminded you that your workouts have to be progressive in order to continue to drive the progress of getting better at whatever you are trying to improve upon. 

The Question Of The Day

What do you do when you achieve your goals?

Should you go into maintenance mode and just cruise along or maybe you pull the reins in and lower the intensity of your training for a while? 

Hell no! 

Here’s Why

Life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into our day-to-day grind that will cause us to slow down, miss workouts, or even stop.  It’s called: family obligations, work, vacation, injuries, getting the flu, or just loss of motivation.  We have built in off weeks throughout the year due to the aforementioned list.  There really isn’t any reason to slow down your training as long as life is working in your favor.   And in my opinion there is nothing worse then seeing your gains lost!

Keep your foot on the gas when the going is good because I promise you there is a monkey with a wrench waiting for you around the corner. 

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Image Credit: Tim Gouw via Unsplash

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