Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | How Beth Got Her Health Back

how beth got her health back

About four years ago, Beth (one of my clients) decided to make some positive health changes. She cleaned up her diet and began walking every single day. While using the app MyFitnessPal to keep track of her food in-take she noticed that, like many of us, she was consuming way more calories than she needed. After making some adjustments, she continued down the path towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Before she knew it, her ‘daily walks’ turned into ‘half marathons’. Her ‘fast food’ became ‘lean protein and veggies’. Her 5lb dumbbell routine’ became ‘180 deadlifts and kettle bell circuits’.

Beth is a success in every sense of the word, all due to her hard work and dedication. Not only has Beth maintained her weight loss, but she continues to push the envelope to see how far she can go both physically and mentally. Congratulations Beth for reclaiming your health, it has been an honor (and a blast) for me to watch your transformation.  

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