old age

Fitness should be an important part of your daily life no matter what your age. But what happens when the aging body starts to interfere with your workouts, hobbies, and daily routine? As of late, one of my clients (who is in his early 80s) has experienced a loss of strength. Daily activities that he once did with ease, are now proving to be quite the challenge. He is finding that simple tasks now take more work, moderate tasks are now intense and intense tasks are impossible. 

While aging is inevitable, that doesn’t mean we should go down without a fight. Instead of surrendering to Father Time, I recommend you channel your inner toddler and fight back. Scream, kick, and throw a tantrum if you have to. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself in good health. 

What’s the best way to fight back? 

Strength training. Though lifting weights won’t stop us from aging or heal all of our ailments, it will do wonders for your mobility. Preserving the muscle is essential for maintaining strength in old age. If you lose your strength, your world will get very small, very quickly. 

*image by Flickr

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