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Erik Taylor's Fitness

Personalized In-Studio and Online Training 

Erik Taylor's Fitness

Personalized In-Studio and Online Training 

erik taylor

Hi there! My name is Erik

and I want to help you achieve your personal fitness goals once and for all. Whether you want to train for a marathon, recover from a sports injury, drop a dress size for a big event, or do a pull up, I have the tools, knowledge, experience and motivation you need to get started.

I provide a variety of solutions for my clients depending on your specific goals and needs. If you are in the Redondo Beach area, I recommend in-person studio training. For all others, my individually tailored online-training will surely get you the results you want.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to introduce yourself here.  I'll get back to you shortly with a free consultation. 




In-Studio Services

300 Sq. Feet Studio

One-On-One Personal Training

Running Gait Analysis

Injury Rehabilitation

in studio services
online training

Online Training

Improve Mobility 

Improve Strength 

Build Structural Integrity

Improve Biomechanics and Running Economy


Personal Online Training

Endurance Training personalized for your body's movement

Personal Online Training

Endurance Training personalized for your body's movement

Our online programs target muscle dysfunctions and deficiencies due to poor running mechanics, bad posture, and overuse.

The Personalized Programs that I personally design and implement here at Taylor’s Fitness, are designed with your goals in mind.  Be aware that I will hold you accountable for the progress that you will make!  Your training will be supervised and adjusted throughout the month.

  • Professionally designed personalized training program specific to your goals and available equipment                                   
  • Results for all your hard work (you will be guided and monitored by a professional strength coach)
  • Unlimited coaching support via email
  • Accountability via submitting your training journal

Personal Online Training

Training personalized for your body's movement

Personal Online Training

Training personalized for your body's movement

Sign Up & Move Better Today

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What happens next?

I will contact you and send you a questionnaire that you will need to feel out and send back to me. That questionnaire will give me the information I need in order to design a Custom Training Program for your specific goals. If I need any additional information I will email you.

After I receive the questionnaire back I will review it and we will set up a phone/skype session to review your answers and address any questions you may have.



Just $199 a month


  • Progressive training plan
  • Specific progressive workouts based on your age, race distance, experience, and injury history
  • Tailored levels of intensity and training load for different athletes based on goals and past performances, ability, athletic experience, lifestyle, and hours available for training to deliver a sustainable approach to achieve your fitness goals
  • Joint mobility and running drills to decrease injuries and improve running economy
  • Movement assessment
  • Phone support: once a month, where you can ask questions on your training plan or any topic of interest.
  • Plan support: a weekly email, where you ask questions about your training plan.
  • Unlimited email questions and answers

Improve your personal record from a 5K, Marathon to an Ironman with Taylor’s Fitness guided training plans.

Erik Taylor’s guided training program is built around a systematic and progressive approach to endurance strength training.  This program is built for all levels of athletes so you have the opportunity to reach your goals. 

Once you start the program you will receive ongoing guidance, feedback and support directly from myself throughout your training and racing season.  This program is for a self-motivated athlete equipped to follow a plan, or for someone looking for education, guidance and planning for their fitness or training.


In Studio Services

In-Studio Services in Redondo Beach, California

In Studio Services

In-Studio Services in Redondo Beach, California


Choose personal training as a way to get started with an exercise routine, to help you achieve ambitious fitness goals, to rehab after an injury, to take you to the next level, or simply because you work hard and you want the best!

Choose one weekly session as an anchor workout to motivate and keep you accountable. Or, make it two or three times a week, and attack your fitness goals with no-excuses.

Whether you are looking for strength training, mobility, or improve your performance I will show you how to reach your goals with proper programing and a progressive approach to training. 

Taylor's fitness will create an individualized program for you based on your fitness goals. You will be assessed, monitored, motivated, and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is your best option for maximum results.


  • Motivate
  • Accountability
  • Programing
  • Fresh new perspectives & ideas
  • Support
  • Injury prevention & rehab
  • Relationship building
  • Results

Online Training for Athletes

Online Training for Athletes

"It's all about injury management and besting your personal goals"

Personalized online programs that solve problems caused by poor technique and overuse.

  • Improve mobility
  • Get stronger
  • Avoid injury

Personal Online Training

Personal Online Training

Personal Online Training

Here's how it works

We speak on the phone, you answer a questionnaire and then I make initial recommendations on strength, mobility, goals and injury history.  We agree on a course of action and I send you a tailored program, pulling from hundreds of different exercises and videos that match your needs.

What you do next

You start the program and email me updates on your progress,  I then tweak the mix based on your feedback.  Most of my online clients drop me an email a couple of times a week with questions or various concerns and I always get back within 24 hours.  Everyone has to send the weekly update report.

Who is this for?

I work predominately with athletes, particularly those who actively race however I have a few general fitness clients and they're always welcome.  Ultimately I can tailor a program for any body shape or goal but if you're not mentally committed to the process - it's not going to work for you.

The Packages

1/ Phone Consult - 45 minutes - $100

If you'd like an overall assessment of where you are and what top level activities will work for your goals, book a 45 minute phone consultation.  It's the way most of my online clients start and even if you don't sign up for a full package you'll leave with actionable information that will help you improve.

Click the button over there on the right to set up the call.

2/ Strength + mobility x3 months  - $550
(includes weekly updates & unlimited email access)

The most popular course for first timers, everyone who commits to the program sees a significant improvement in a relatively short time.  If you've got a goal event like a half marathon or 10k coming up in the next few months - this is the package for you.

Again - to sign up, click the blue button on the right.

3/ Strength + mobility x6 months  - $900
(includes weekly updates & unlimited email access)

This is pretty much for return clients who know what they're getting when they work with me.  If you self-identify as a runner or an athlete and know that you need a certain level of continual tweaking and maintenance - this is the package for you - you know where to click.

3 years ago my body was broken down, everyday task were becoming more difficult. Erik started me on a strength and mobility program - after 3 month of training I noticed changes, after 6 months I felt like myself again. Erik’s online training workouts worked great with the demands of my hectic travel schedule.
— Ken
I’m a first time mom, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get my body back. I wanted to work with someone I could trust. My mom suggested that I work with Erik, she sees him one on one in Redondo Beach and told me he does online training. He got me started on an exercise program that was easy to follow and some of his workouts included me doing hill repeats while pushing my daughter in the baby stroller.
— Sarah