Because time is the most important of all the non-renewable resources, we have to make sure we make the most of every hour, minute, and second we are given. 

Life moves fast. Before you know it, dinner parties, holidays, birthdays, soccer games, PTA meetings, traffic, and work meetings are filling up your days, leaving you no time to squeeze in a workout. 

If you have ever said these words “I am too busy to workout,” I’m here to tell you otherwise. Just like you would schedule a hair appointment, checkup, work meeting or tune-up, you must also schedule your workouts. You will be much more likely to go for a jog, lift weights in the garage, walk around the neighborhood, or swim laps if you make an appointment with your pal, Fitness.

Don’t think of your schedule as a mean bully or grumpy boss. Instead, think of it as your own personal cheerleading squad.

We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit how 'bout YOU?!

*photo by Cam Evans

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