I hear it all the time

Hey Erik…I want…a six-pack, a bigger butt, a smaller butt, smaller arms, bigger arms, to lift more weight, to run faster, the list goes on and on. 

Let me remind you where you started:

  • You started out as little girl or little boy weak
  • You had 45% body fat
  • You got winded walking up the stairs
  • You carried your groceries in one bag at a time
  • You used the armrest to get out of a chair
  • You couldn’t barbell squat
  • You couldn’t barbell deadlift
  • You couldn’t do a chin-up or push-up
  • You had high blood pressure
  • You had high cholesterol
  • You had bad posture
  • You were not mentally tough
  • You overate

Where are you now?

The list goes on and on…. never forget where you started! 

And enjoy the sweet success of where you are now!

Image credit: scream by David Salafia on Flickr

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