A Slippery Slope

I recently got an Ask Erik question that was quite concerning to me. The woman wanted to know what was the minimum amount of calories that she could eat and still function. So basically she wanted to know how little she could eat and still be able to stand up on her feet, go to work and live her life.  This is the part of my job that I don’t like, not because of the question, but because I thought how the hell did we get here?! When is starving yourself okay?  I do have the answer, and it’s only on one day every 10 years after the age of 50, because you’re going in for a colonoscopy.  Eating 1000 calories or less isn’t fun, it isn’t healthy, and it is a miserable place to live.

Under Pressure

There is an amazing amount of pressure and stress that people put on themselves to look a certain way.  This pressure comes at the cost of their health, muscle mass, and having fun.  Eating a minimal amount of calories is not sustainable for the long term.  When the day comes that the individual decides to indulge it often leads to them going back to their old ways. 

Be You

My response to this woman’s question was: DO NOT GO DOWN THIS ROAD! Clean up your diet, yes, absolutely 100%.  Eat a sensible amount of calories that includes real food, not processed junk.  Move every single day, whether it’s a scheduled workout, walk, bike ride or class.  Learn to lift weights, because muscle burns calories.  Be patient.  Finally, stop watching TV, looking at social media or reading magazines that are putting unrealistic body images in your head. Be happy in your own skin and if you want to make changes, please do so in a positive and healthy manner.

Image Credit: Matthew Wiebe on Unsplash

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