All The Rage

There are 2 wildly popular topics that dominate in our culture right now - weight loss and anti-aging.  The general public is so concerned about these things that many industries have created the latest fad to combat them. These “cure-alls” generate billions of dollars every single year in product sales, procedures and crazy claims. The worst part is that most of the products and information out there are total crap. 


For today’s newsletter we’ll stick to aging.  I think it is fair to say that no one wants to get old, but there isn’t really a choice in the matter.  So lets focus on being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

2 of the best ways to combat the aging process:

1.     Strength Training:  

Yeah, yeah I know, here you go again on the importance of being strong.  Let me tell you this, I have yet to come across a client who tells me they’re strong enough. 

Simple reminder, after the age of 30, we are losing a small amount of muscle mass every single year.  While you might not notice much initially, you can bet at some point, simple daily tasks will get harder. 

Weight training helps maintain the all important muscle mass.  And for those who are concerned about aesthetics, muscle burns calories so get lifting!

2.     Recovery: 

Our bodies do not recover as fast as they once did.  Hormone levels drop, bad sleep, not eating enough, and the thousands of responsibilities that we have to deal with all affect our ability to recover from workouts. 

Intense training bouts are perfectly okay to be doing.  The difference now is you have to build recovery days into your weekly plan.  Instead of a 24-hour recovery period when you were younger, you will now need to stretch it out to 48-72 hours. 

On your days off, sleep, quality food consumption, and plenty of water are an absolute must. 

Image Credit: Robin Arm via Unsplash

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