It Happens

This usually happens to me twice a year - once in winter when the flu bug steamrolls everyone in the house & once at the end of the school year when things get a little crazy with multiple events going on.  When I recover from the flu or when the dust settles form the end of the school year I hit the reset button and I’m back on track. 

It's Not Easy

For many people it’s just not that easy. A couple of weeks quickly turn into a month of missed workouts or portion sizes slide back into old habits.  It happens to all of us…ALL OF US!

Turn That Ship Around

So we have to turn this ship around, but how?  Focus on the small stuff, making small changes is a great deal easier to mentally handle than massive changes:

  • Skip second helpings at dinner 
  • Get back to walking at lunch
  • Log your daily calories.

The act of creating action will get the ball rolling again and while some days it might feel like you’re pushing that ball up a hill at least your pushing it. 

Image Credit: Marius Fisku via Unsplash

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