Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Lessons Passed On


Thank You

This newsletter is a personal shout-out to 4 guys. 

  • Ron Theberge
  • Frank Gramarosso
  • Al Carius
  • Ken Popejoy

Lessons Learned

All four of these guys were my coaches and each of them had a major impact on my life.  The list of lessons learned from them is too long to write.  But the lessons went well beyond the field. The majority of their teachings were to prepare us for real life: 

  • being part of something bigger than yourself 
  • dealing with hardships 
  • sacrifice
  • always conducting yourself properly  

Full Circle

My life has come full circle, I recently became my daughter’s assistant soccer coach.  Although these girls might just be 7 years old, it’s never too early to learn what it takes to succeed on and off the field. 

How I got so lucky to have these guys in my life I will never know.  But I thank them because their teachings and examples are about to be passed on to another generation!

Image Credit: Matt Jones via Unsplash

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