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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Issues With Your Tissue


Soft Tissue

I am one month into running consistently and I’ve noticed some changes in my body.  I don’t feel old, but my soft tissue is tighter than I can ever remember.  I have neglected my soft tissue for years.  Your soft tissue is made up of tendons, ligaments, skin, and fascia.  It’s job is to support, connect, and surround the structures of the body.  Taking care of it, without a doubt, is the weak point in my training.  As far as programming, sleep, strength training, and nutrition go, I can check the “Yes” boxes.  But, to be honest with you, I find foam rolling and stretching boring and always manage to find an excuse not to get it done.



Now I know better, but no one is perfect, right?  Here lies the problem.  Running is a repetitive sport, which means the soft tissue in my feet and legs can end up being a hot mess.  That hot mess can turn into injuries pretty damn quickly.  So I’ve committed myself to doing at least something every day, whether it’s foam rolling, rolling my feet out on a lacrosse ball, or stretching.  It is not exciting or glamorous, but there is absolute return on the investment.  Healthier soft tissue equals a decrease in injury. 


The Takeaway

It’s hard to be perfect, unless you are part of the chosen few who are paid professional athletes.  But doing the little things can make such a difference on the end product.  No short cuts! 



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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Pain In The Knee

knee pain

Do you suffer from knee pain when walking downstairs, running downhill, or fully flexing the knee? Your Rectus Femoris (Quad) could be tight and in a shortened state (which then rotates your pelvis forward.) Additionally, a tight quad can force the knee back into hyperextension, causing strain on the ligaments of the knee.

How to get rid of knee pain with a foam roller: 

  • Get your foam roller out and lie prone (facedown) on the floor.
  • Place the foam roller perpendicular to your leg to target the quads.
  • Roll from the top of your quads to just above the knee.
  • As you are rolling up and down your quad, run your leg through extension and flexion (bending your knee & straightening your leg.)
  • Try doing this exercise 4-5 days a week, spending 2-4 minutes on each leg. 

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