knee pain

Do you suffer from knee pain when walking downstairs, running downhill, or fully flexing the knee? Your Rectus Femoris (Quad) could be tight and in a shortened state (which then rotates your pelvis forward.) Additionally, a tight quad can force the knee back into hyperextension, causing strain on the ligaments of the knee.

How to get rid of knee pain with a foam roller: 

  • Get your foam roller out and lie prone (facedown) on the floor.
  • Place the foam roller perpendicular to your leg to target the quads.
  • Roll from the top of your quads to just above the knee.
  • As you are rolling up and down your quad, run your leg through extension and flexion (bending your knee & straightening your leg.)
  • Try doing this exercise 4-5 days a week, spending 2-4 minutes on each leg. 

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