Fit at 40

Ahhhh the BIG 40!  I can’t believe I will actually be 40 on Thursday. My life thus far has been a whirlwind full of surprises, laughter, and tears. Without the love of my three girls--Molly (my wife) and our two daughters, Mychaela (aka Pumpkin), and Reagan (aka Rea Rea)--I wouldn’t be the man I am today. That’s why my 40th birthday and this blog post is just as much a celebration for them as it is for me.

While there are many lessons I’ve learned in my 40 years, the most important lesson I’ve learned is balance. Before the birth of our daughters, I used to get hyper-focused. An unfortunate side effect of having tunnel vision, is that I would often forget to take a look around and appreciate the here and now. 

My life now is a drastic difference from my single life. Days that used to be spent hanging with the boys, lifting weights in the gym, and competing are now spent playing with Hello Kitty dolls, rocking out to Taylor Swift, drowning in the color pink, and shopping with my girls. And guess what? I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. My girls have taught me to never take anything for granted, especially the small moments. 

So for my 40th birthday I want to give a special shout out my special ladies. You three keep me balanced, laughing, smiling, and always feeling loved and supported. Thank you.

 Love you, Babycakes & Daddycakes! 

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