king of convenience

If Convenience is King in your household, it's time for a revolt! 

The bad news: When it comes to eating healthy and working out, the path of least resistance will rarely deliver the results you want. 

The good news: If you train hard and eat right--the weight will not only come off, it will stay off. 

Sure everyone likes to take the easy way out--especially when you work a demanding job during the week. There is no denying that eating out for lunch every day easier than packing and preparing your meals ahead of time, that watching ESPN and drinking happy hour beers with your co-workers is more fun than heading to the gym, that putting on a movie is more relaxing than playing softball with your kids--but just because it's easier, doesn't mean it's better. 

The things matter most to me (my children, wife, and health) are the things that require the most amount of my time, energy and attention. Squats, pushing a prowler, power cleans, and eating right will never be easy (neither will trying to make fitness gains in a nearly 40-year-old body.) Sure, it would a lot more convenient for me to say, "Screw it! I’m a 40 year old dad, I’m going to be happy with my Dad-bod and let myself go crazy at the buffet." But, I won't. Why? 

Because anything worth having in life will never come without hard work, pain, planning, commitment, and adversity. 

Kick King Convenience off his mighty throne and show him who the real boss is -- HARD WORK. 

*image by Flickr

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