New You

Think about something that you’d like to improve or change in your life, then pull out your calendar and highlight this date:

Wednesday September 16, 2015

What is so special about this day? Well, it is exactly three months from today. Studies show that if you do a daily activity for three months straight, it will eventually become a habit. 

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, we live in a society that expects immediate results. Unfortunately, this isn’t realistic. Cutting sugar out of your diet for a week is not going to get you a body like Gwen Stefani. Not only is this expectation detrimental to achieving your goals, when you don’t start seeing the immediate results you crave, you may start to feel discouraged and give up. 


Creating new and positive changes in your life takes commitment, effort, and most importantly — time. Challenge yourself for 90 days. For 90 days straight put of all your energy into that positive change that you are trying create.

  • Keep a food/fitness journal.
  • Announce your progress on social media so that your friends and family hold you accountable.
  • Only put food in your cart that will help you meet your goals.
  • Recruit a friend to do the 90 day challenge with you.

Whatever you need to do to keep your head in the game— DO IT! 

If you stay focused during the these next three months, eventually “the challenge” won’t be a challenge at all. The habit will be so engrained in your daily life that you will no longer dread it. Instead, you will crave it. 

As my wife likes to remind me, Rome wasn’t built in a day — but, if you lay a few bricks every day, you will be amazed at how much progress you can make in a few months. Are you ready up for the challenge? 

*image by Julia Caesar, Unsplash

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