Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | How To Eat Out & Lose Weight



It’s Friday and you have had a long week at work and you want to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks.  Sounds fun! But oops, you forgot you are in the middle of making some changes for the better. You are working on getting fit, healthy, and trying to lose some inches.  Hmmmm, what to do?


The Choice Is Yours

The way I see it, you have 2 options.

1. Go have a good time and completely blow up the amount of calories you eat that day and finish up with an 800 calorie surplus.  And lets be honest, sometimes that’s okay, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

2. You think ahead and have a smaller breakfast, a lighter lunch, forgo any snacking, and double down on your h2o intake. So for breakfast you reach for eggs whites instead of whole eggs, for lunch you eat grilled chicken or tuna with a side of raw or grilled veggies.  Now you have seriously saved up some calories.  By the time dinner rolls around you might be hungry but you have stored enough calories to have a nice dinner with a drink.


The Double Win

You finish up the night not enjoying time with friends, savoring the food and drink and you leave without your pants unbuttoned being in a bloated calorie surplus. Who doesn't want that?

If you need help with your nutrition, give me a call 310.251.7420 and I can design a program just for YOU!  

Image credit: Edward Franklin on Unsplash

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