Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Back To School Enthusiasm


Fall is upon us which means our girls will be heading back to school. This year, my oldest daughter Mychaela will be starting kindergarten. While this might be a scary transition for some children, the shared sentiment in our household is pure and utter ENTHUSIASM. 

Mychaela’s excitement for starting school is quite amazing to watch—not only does she have all of her school supplies packed and ready to go, she also has her outfit picked out for the first day. 

Enthusiasm is probably the most contagious of all emotions, one that can quickly fill up a room. Who doesn’t like to be around people who are excited about school, health, fitness, work or life? Enthusiastic people have a way of making the dullest activities enjoyable. 

Today I have a challenge for you. Whether you are starting a new project at work, heading to the gym, ordering a coffee, or shopping for groceries—do it with pure and utter ENTHUSIASM. Not only will you brighten your own day, you just might brighten someone else’s too :)

*image by Saparevo, Flickr

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