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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip : Staying Fit At 40


Tomorrow will be my 39th birthday and let me tell you it sure went went fast. Though I’m a full step slower, I don’t recover as quickly and the grey hair is starting to take over my head, you'll never hear me complaining. Sure, being lucky or blessed might have something to do with the shape I'm in, but it probably has more to do with how I've treated my body all these years; having good nutrition, working hard, training regularly and staying motivated really does pay off.

To show my viewers that hard work, consistency, and attitude will take you far in life, I am going to write and record my training for the entire year leading up to my 40th birthday. I refuse to leave my life up to chance, and I hope my journey will inspire you to take control of your own health and happiness.  

What Motivates Me

I’m not training to measure myself against any other person. Instead, I am competing with Father Time, the biggest, toughest, and most relentless competitor that anyone will ever face. His undefeated record doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact I’m looking forward to this challenge!

Because I no longer have a team to push me, coaches to challenge me, state meets to excite me or NCAA championships to train for, I have to dig a little deeper for my motivation. Looking good or squatting heavier reps than yesterday is no longer a motivator either. Instead, I train for quality of life.

I train so that I stay healthy and strong for my wife and two daughters. I train so that I can be around to see Mychaela's and Reagan’s milestones, to play with my grandkids someday, and to live my life to the fullest. I train because I truly believe that my body is the greatest thing I will ever own. 

Share why you train in the comments below. We'd love to hear what inspires you!

image by Daniel Ruswick, Unsplash

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