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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Toughen Up Your VO2

VO2 Test

The Truth About VO2

What is VO2? 

It is a measurement of the body’s ability to utilize the available oxygen. 

Why is this important? 

A high VO2 max is important because it is closely correlated with distance-running performance. 

How can you improve your VO2? 

Stress...you have to apply stress to the body (but only with proper training, of course.) One way to do this is to run in long intervals because the repeated high level of stress provides the heaviest load on the cardiovascular system. 

Sample Workouts

1. 4 x 1,200 meters @ VO2 Max with 2-3 minutes recovery.
2. 6-8 x 800 meters @ VO2 Max with 2-3 minutes recovery. 


VO2 max training is tough, that is why most runners never do anything with it. Not only will it make you faster and stronger, you can take advantage of mental toughness that comes with this type of training. 

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." -Fred DeVito

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