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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Calorie Burning Chores

calorie burning chores

Every wonder how many calories you burn while doing chores around the house? If you are remodeling your house or doing some outdoor spring cleaning, you might want to consider skipping the gym. Below you'll find a cheat sheet on how many calories each chore burns. 

  • Mowing the lawn 15/60 minutes- 108/400 calories burned

  • Exterior painting 15/60 minutes- 68/272 calories burned

  • Raking leaves 15/60 minutes- 96/384 calories burned

  • Cleaning gutter 15/60 minutes- 68/272 calories burned

  • Shoveling snow 15/60 minutes- 144/546 calories burned

*image by Sean Hobson, Flickr

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