A Balancing Act

Karol doing her thing

Karol doing her thing

Hailing from Palos Verdes in the Super Mini Flyweight Weight Class meeeeeeet Karol! 

Karol might be petite, but let me tell you she’s mighty strong!  Karol is the sweetest, most thoughtful little lady you could ever meet and she can give any 5 Star pastry chefs a run for their money. Seriously, I've had her Yummy Coffee Cake!

Karol is a lifelong runner and had never done any weight training before I started working with her over 3 years ago.  Her balance is not something that comes naturally to her so through her dedication to single leg exercises and some good ol’ fashion squats and deadlifts she’s greatly improved her strength, balance, and posture. 

Karol you have been a pleasure to work with, the GAINZZ you have made are truly amazing! 

Mazel Tov!! 

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