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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Kettlebell Training 101


Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Kettlebell Training 101

kettlebell training

My clients seem to have a love/hate relationship with kettlebells. Ok, l'm not being entirely honest. My clients have a "hate" relationship with them, and well, I love them!

Even though I am likely to get "the look" whenever I bring them out, I know that kettlebells are a great tool to build strength and improve conditioning. Event though I run the risk of my kettlebell collection ending up at the bottom of the ocean, I know that kettlebell training (combined with traditional barbell exercises) are some of the best full-body workouts my clients can do. 

Pure barbell strength work can take a toll on the body. By mixing the two together my clients are able to build strength and conditioning while reducing some of the wear and tear on their bodies.

If you are new to kettlebell training, the first exercise you'll want to learn is the traditional swing. Once you have mastered the traditional swing you can move into the clean followed by the snatch. Whether you are swinging, cleaning, or snatching--you can be sure that your entire body will be worked and your lungs scorched.

Feeling confident with the previously mentioned exercises? Introduce a second kettlebell into the mix. Twice the resistance means faster results! 

Ready To Jump On The Kettlebell Train? Make Sure To Remember These Helpful Tips:

  • Progress slowly
  • Avoid arching your lower back
  • Maintain a neutral spine
  • Keep your glutes and torso tight
  • Ensure you have proper form by either doing the exercises in front of a mirror or taking a video yourself 

*image by Fábio de Albuquerque Vilalba, Flickr

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