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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Here Comes The Sun



2017 is off in a full sprint and winter is officially over!  There is no doubt that winter takes a toll on everybody and depending on what part of the country you live in it can be downright brutal with it’s cloudy, dark days and freezing temps.  Motivation flounders, comfort food becomes a daily ritual and workouts go on the missing person’s list.  Damn you wintertime!  Well the White Knight has come to save the day in the form of SPRING!  Warmer weather, more daylight and the motivation to be healthy, strong and fit takes flight.


Now is the time to capitalize!  Add an extra walk after work just because the sun is out.  Get out from under the fluorescent lights at the gym and go for a run, bike ride, or do a workout at the park.  Clean up your diet and head to your local farmers market to get fresh, local, real food.  The point is, just get outside. It does your mind and body a world of good to breathe fresh air and take in the sun’s rays.


With spring comes opportunity, jump on this chance!

Image Credit: Sam Schooler via Unsplash

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