Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | Bring Out The Best In You


Redondo Beach Triathlon

Two weeks ago I got to watch our local triathlon race go right by the house.  I stood to the side as the competitors waited for the starter to fire the gun.  You could sense the excitement among the triathletes and the spectators.  The gun shot and the field was in a full sprint into the ocean. The next time I would see the lead group they would be flying by my house on their bikes.  

For The Love Of Competition

You have to love competition! Summer is here, now is your chance to compete.  It doesn’t matter what or how well you do.  Competition will bring out the best in you.  It’s also okay to be nervous and a little fearful; this is all part of the experience. 

The daily workouts can become boring and you might not always give a 100% because there really isn’t anything there for you to push your limits.  Competing will fix that problem. 

What Will You Do?

Now is your chance, find that “thing” that you want to try and go after it!  

Let me know if I can help you train for an event 310.251.7420

Image Credit: Erik Taylor

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