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Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | To The Over 40 Crowd


Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | To The Over 40 Crowd


Do You Fall Into This Category?

While everyone needs to be working out, it’s the over 40 crowd that needs health and fitness more than anyone.  

Why?  Because:

  • we are losing a small percentage of muscle mass each year 
  • we are experiencing weight gain 
  • we have loss of bone density,
  • our stress levels are generally higher 
  • mother nature tends to pick on those who neglect their bodies without having youth on their side to be the equalizer

What You Must Be Doing

The 40+ crowd needs to be moving, lifting, and not over-indulging on decadent food. Getting older is not for the faint of heart and can be a mixed bag.  Yeah we’re smarter and certainly care a lot less about things that aren’t important in the big scheme of life, but it sure would be nice to recover a little faster, sleep better, burn off calories quicker, and have the energy that we once had in our younger days.

Every phase of life has its challenges and its good fortunes.  With some hard work, a solid game plan, and some luck we you can turn the second half of your life into some of the best years of your entire life.

Become A Time Fighter


The time fighter club welcomes everyone who has a willingness to exercise and eat healthy most of the time.  Strength training, pilates, yoga, walking or riding your bike all count towards earning your time fighter status.  Let’s not forget being consistent, pushing yourself, and having some fun along the way are all necessary ingredients. 

There of course will be great days and days that bring a challenge, you just need to continue to take action and always be ready for a brawl.

Credit to Phil Ambrose for the Time Fighter analogy - thanks Phil!

Image Credit: Erik Taylor

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