In this video I share with you three basic nutrition guidelines to follow. Remember, it helps to think of this as lifestyle adjustment instead of a dreaded "diet."

1. Eat More Single Ingredient Foods, Less Processed Junk

Chances are if you can't pronounce an ingredient or you don't know what it is, it probably doesn't belong in your body.

2. Prepare Healthy Meals In Advance

You'll be less likely to succumb to eating fast food or junk if you prepare all of your meals prior to the week starting. Don't forget to include plenty of healthy snacks too!

3. Eat 90% Healthy, 10% Fun

Though it's important to eat healthy, don't let that stop you from having a little fun. It's ok to have a small bowl of ice cream every now and then if you're eating clean the rest of the time...don't forget the cherry on top! 

image by Masahiro Ihara, Flickr

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