If you read my blog/newsletters frequently, you already know how important it is to set clear fitness goals. If you'd like to brush up on why it's important, head here. 

Now that we are on the same page--I want you to forget about what you just read. Seriously, forget about the final result for a moment; the number of pounds you want to lose, your ideal finishing time, or the weight you'd like to lift. Instead, I want you to focus (really focus) on the how much effort it will take in order for you to reach that goal. 

Your inner fire needs to be burning daily in order for you to find the motivation to accomplish your goals. Too often, I find that clients have tunnel vision for the final result. What if your fitness goal realistically takes you a few years to achieve? When I was a freshman in high school, I wanted to be a track state champion. Guess how long it took me to achieve that goal? FOUR YEARS! It took me all the way up until the final race of my senior track season to reach that goal. 

If I had had tunnel vision, you better believe I would have lost momentum at any point within those three years. My commitment to putting in the daily work, however, never waned. I celebrated every small victory, like improving my mile time by even a few seconds. Let your fire burn bright every day and your end goal will surely follow. 

*image by Flickr

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