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If you haven't already ripped open that bag of trick-or-treat candy, congratulations, you're doing better than most. We all know how hard it is to resist the never-ending flow of holiday goodies. Every time you turn around, there's another plate of something staring you in the face.  Whether you are a mashed potatoes junkie or an apple pie fiend, this list of holiday eating tips will help you resist the temptation.  

1. Be Realistic

Now is not the time to lose weight, just aim to maintain the weight you already have.

2. Increase Exercise

Add an extra day of exercise during the week. This will help offset the increase in caloric intake. 

3. Don't Stuff Yourself

Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are uncomfortably engorged. 

4. Skip the Appetizers

Just say no! Oftentimes, appetizers pack more calories than the main course.

5. Eat Before the Party

If you don't eat a sensible meal beforehand, you're more likely to eat everything in site as soon as you arrive. 

6. Limit Liquid Calories 

Mixed drinks such as margaritas or punches contain high amounts of sugar. Be careful of how many you throw back. 

7. Use a Smaller Plate

If you are limited on space, you'll have to be more strategic about what you put on that plate. 

8. One Trip Only

The more trips you make to the buffet, the more you're going to consume. Limit yourself to one trip only. 

*image by David Gallagher, Flickr

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