healthy habits

When it comes to making decisions about your health, fitness, energy, or emotions, you are probably a creature of habit. Whether or not this is a bad thing depends solely on you. 

Are you someone that starts out with the best intentions but then somehow ends up back at square one (aka unfit and unhappy)? Or are you someone that is motivated to continuously try and better yourself, be more efficient, and/or feel comfortable in your own skin?

Regardless of your answer, if you want to make healthy habits stick, you'll need to be patient. 

How long does it take for healthy habits to stick? 

I don't usually see healthy habits start to stick with my clients until around the 90 day mark. Whether you want to build strength, improve cardio, build confidence, or gain mental toughness--it will most likely take you 3 months.

What happens at the three month mark? 

Motor patterns are mastered, strength gains are made, and mental fortitude has been built. The body and mind now crave the workout. You have made a positive habit that will result in the desired change. If you are patient, consistent, kind to yourself, and you do the work--you'll succeed at creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

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