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If squatting is not part of your current strength program, it should be. 

Though most of you probably don't share the same enthusiasm for squats that I do, I'm hoping today's blog post will inspire you to embrace this life-changing exercise once and for all. Squatting is like making contributions to your 401k, eating healthy, or brushing your teeth; the more time and energy you devote to these things now, the better off you'll be when you're older. 

Let's imagine, for a moment, that we take a figurative field trip to a nursing home. After taking a quick glance around the room you'll probably start noticing a pattern; most everyone has lost their strength and needs assistance to complete simple tasks such as standing or walking. What if I told you that this grim mental image doesn't have to be your future? 

Squats (known as the King Of All Strength Exercises) not only make your butt and hamstrings look great but they also build functional strength.

There are many different variations of squats out there including front squats, single leg squats, air squats, goblet squats, and back squats (my personal favorite.) While it makes no difference which squat you are more partial to, it's important you set aside time every week to blast that booty!

Squat now so you don't need a cane later. 

*image by Joris Louwes, Flickr

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