Now Is The Time

Wintertime is coming and now is the time to take advantage of it.  Most people hunker down and go into survival mode, the days are short on light, temperatures drop, and motivation usually falls off. Being from the midwest I totally understand.  

Set An Attainable Goal

But this is your chance, an opportunity to make some real gains with your strength and overall health.  It is time to set a goal that you can reach in the next 3 months, a goal that will not come without busting your butt to get it.  

What Sets You Apart

When most people are in their warm houses sipping coffee in the morning, you are out running your morning loop.  When most people head home after work because it is dark and they're tired, you head to the gym to get your squats and deadlifts in.  And finally when you are at one of your seemingly endless line of holiday parties, you limit your cookie and booze intake when all the other people are complaining about the extra weight they’ve put on, yet continue to eat and drink.   Get after it!

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Image Credit: Tyson Dudley via Unsplash

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