Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip | When Adversity Strikes


Not If, But When

It’s never a matter of if, but when, we will face adversity.  Our health, family, work, and our fitness can ultimately succumb to some major bumps in the road. 

Let’s keep this simple and just focus on health and fitness since this is the area that I live in.  We can face injuries, coming up short with hitting our goals, or even worse a health diagnosis that could affect us both short or long term.  Rarely does adversity let us know it’s coming to visit. Like any great war general will tell you, the element of surprise can bring people to their knees. 

How To Deal

So how can you prevent adversity with your health and fitness?  You can’t, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared.  For me it comes down to two very simple things that you have to execute every single day.

1. Attitude! 

I know it is a bit cliché, but your attitude is something that you have control over so it makes sense that we would start here.  Poor me, complaining, and being mad at the world will not and will never get you past the current issue that you are facing.  Let your attitude be your ally not your foe. 

2. Diet and Exercise

Eating right and working out will not stop all disease, illness, or injuries but they can help you reduce the risk of all these issues.  Eating right and your weekly workouts are also something you have control over.  It’s okay if you have a bad weekend of eating or a string of bad workouts, it’s going to happen.  Just get back on the horse and keep moving forward.

Strike Back

Life can be tough and throw all kinds of s*@t your way, you have the choice to eat it or hit back. 

Image Credit: Fabian Blank via Unsplash

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