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In case you couldn't tell by the cheery sun shining outside--it is summer time! Just because you'll be traveling somewhere fun doesn't mean you have to give up your fitness goals.

Because I know that traveling can sometimes take a toll on your fitness routine, I have provided you with two workouts that you can do from anywhere--including a hotel room or the beach! All you need is your running shoes and a tabata app (you can download the app for free on your phone.) 

Workout #1

5 minutes jogging warm up
2 minutes of dynamic stretching
10 Air Sqauts
10 Pushups
10 Sit-ups
10 Lunges
1 minute plank
Rest for 30 seconds, repeat 5-10 times and then jog for 5 mins. to cool down.

Workout #2

Sprint for 30 seconds
10 Burpees
Sprint for 30 seconds
10 Air Squats
Sprint for 30 seconds
10 Pushups
Sprint for 30 seconds
Plank 30 second hold
Rest for 1 minute, repeat 4-8 times and then jog for 5 mins to cool down.

Safe travels!

image by Caroline Gutman,

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