single leg deadlift

Why Single Leg Deadlifts?

The single leg deadlift (SLDL) is one of the best exercises that a runner can do! Have you done your SLDLs lately? 

Not only do SLDLs target the glutes and hamstrings (which helps to eliminate muscle imbalances) but this exercise also increases foot and knee stability. After doing this exercise at least twice a week (3-4 sets, 5-8 reps on each leg), you'll start to build better balance and proprioception (body awareness).

How to execute this exercise:

- Grab a pair of dumbells/kettlebells and hold them to your side

- Pull your shoulders back and down

- Keep your back flat and tight

- Hinge over at your hips

- Go down to a comfortable distance where you can keep your back flat

- Return to the starting position and repeat the movement

- Make sure you do not round your shoulders 

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