Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Offseason Strength Training


Fall is here. The kids are picking out pumpkins, the evenings are getting more brisk and the racing season is coming to an end.  Whether you are a runner, triathlete, rower, or mountain biker, fall is a great time for endurance athletes to get back in the gym and strength train.

The racing season not only takes a physical toll on your body but it takes an emotional toll as well. I have found that offseason strength training can help athletes not only get stronger but also improve their motivation for the sport. 

What Strength Training Exercises Should I Do? 

I suggest working the big lifts two days a week. Squats, deadlifts, and presses need to be at the top of your list.  Do these exercise in a progressive manner with the goal of lifting a little more than you did the week before. Regardless of what your sport of choice is, strength training will surely improve your performance.  

*images by Arby Reed, Flickr and Stephanie Wallace, Flickr

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