Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: Never Fall For Another Fad

shake weight

Along with every new year inevitably comes an influx of training fads. Midnight infomercials are full of ripped models that are paid to tell us how their amazing bodies are the result of using some stretchy resistance band once a month. If only it were that simple!

I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go in the past few decades; Bowflex machines, Zumba, Richard Simmons, Shake Weights, Tae Bo, P90X, and let’s not forget the Butt and Thigh blaster by the ever so lovely Susan Summers. 

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar business that preys on those without basic fitness knowledge or self-confidence. They'll tell you that what they’re selling is going to change your life, that all of your problems will melt away, that you'll experience a spike in energy, and that you'll never have body fat or cellulite again. Whatever you do, do not fall for this trap. There are no short cuts!  

If you're looking for something that actually works, do these things: 

1. Consistency

Eat well mostly, work out often, sleep soundly always

2. Go hard in the gym

Squats, deadlifts, presses, and hard intervals are the most optimal way to train. Period.

3. Set goals

Even though I don't compete anymore, I still set goals for myself. 

4. Never compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself to where you were when you started. That's it. 

*image by Flickr

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