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I’m 6 weeks into running again. My body has responded to the old training stimulus {which is now new again} fairly quickly. Besides tripping on a tree root, I would say the transition from heavy strength training to running intervals has been pretty seamless. 

Captain Obvious

I’ve set the goal of running the Village Runner 4th of July 5k!  The last time I ran a race competitively was at the turn of the century and I was 24. {That seems like a lifetime ago.}  So I thought I would call my old coach to get his opinion on my training. 

Long story short, he told me I’m not 22 anymore and that I need to tweak my program. Now I should have figured this out on my own as being a very obvious fact, but it never donned on me until I spoke with him.  Sometimes we need our very own Captain Obvious to point us in the right direction.

I put a lot of value into his ideas because not only was he a coach but he also competed as a Master’s runner.  Who better to talk to than someone who has been there before? 

Who Is Your Captain Obvious?

Do you want to get results? Start asking questions from people who have been there!  Get a coach, a mentor, read books, or talk to people who have walked the walk and succeeded.  Their insight, experience and pitfalls {yes, they made plenty of mistakes along the way} are incredibly valuable to your weight loss, training, or performance goals.  Another set of eyes seeing things from another perspective can be the difference of getting there or not.

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Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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