Simple, Hard, Consistent & Patient

We live in a quick fix, short attention span society. With a swift click of the mouse our package is waiting at the door in less than 24 hours.  People like new, shiny, the next and latest craze with just about everything.  Variety, complicated, quick and easy do not lend themselves to results - at least nothing worth mentioning.  Getting stronger, losing weight or placing in your age division in a local event never ever comes without these essentials:

  • discipline 
  • hard work
  • commitment 
  • a straightforward approach 

Know This

If you are truly trying to make changes in your health, it comes at a cost.  If you can come to an understanding that you must give yourself 4-6 months or longer to fully commit to a simple and hard approach, those results that you so desperately want will show up.  Rarely, if ever, do people fail because the program is too simple, they fail because they never fully commit or they get bored with a simple and straightforward approach and become program hoppers.

Stick to the plan and good things will happen!

Image Credit: Loic Djim via Unsplash

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