Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip: 3 Ways To Avoid Injury

injured athlete

Let’s face it, all of us at some point have either suffered from a fitness related injury or we know someone who has. Whether you have exprienced a serious injury, such as a torn ACL (OUCH), or a more minor incident such as a sprained ankle, being injured is no fun. Period. 

Not only does being injured take a toll on you physically, but it can also have emotional effects. It’s not uncommon for injured athletes to feel a loss of identity when they can no longer perform their sport. Luckily there are preventative measures you can do that will help keep you at the top of your game (and away from the sidelines.)

1. Ice

I can tell you from personal experience that ice baths are about as fun as paying your taxes. However, they are a simple and effective way to quickly reduce inflammation in our body.  An 8-10 minute ice bath, 1-2 times a week will help prevent inflammation related injuries.  

2. Nutrition

Whatever nutrition habits you practice (paleo, vegan, or vegetarian), you have to make sure you eat enough and that you keep the junk to a minimum. A fine tuned balance of carbs, fats and proteins will not only help your body recover quickly but it will give you a sustained amount of energy. A diet high in sugar and processed carbs will only create more inflammation in your body, thus increasing your risk of injury.  

3. Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It gives your body a chance to recover and repair from strenuous workouts. The truth is, you don’t build muscles and increase strength while you are exercising, but while you are resting. Sleep also helps lower blood pressure and regulate stress hormone levels that affect and control your appetite. 

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