Erik's Weekly Fitness Tip : Got H20?

*photo by Cuba Gallery,   Flickr

*photo by Cuba Gallery, Flickr


Dehydration Doom

All runners have turned into a hot mess at one time or another. Maybe you had too many glasses of wine the night before or maybe you didn’t hydrate well enough during the week. Not only does dehydration wreak havoc on your workout and performance but it also negatively affects your body on many levels: it increases your core temperature, puts a strain on your cardiovascular system, and increases your risk for heat stroke.

Prepare Yourself

We all know that hydration before and during a workout is a good idea for peak performance but few people know that hydrating after your workout or race is equally as important. Rehydration post-workout should start immediately after you finish. Aim to drink 20 oz of fluid for every pound of weight loss.

Hydration Myth

The most effective way to replace electrolytes is by consuming sport drinks. FALSE. Consuming fruits, fruit juices and other foods (if combined with water) are just as effective at replacing electrolytes as drinking a sports drink is (and you'll be consuming a lot less sugar!)

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