Congratulations Big Wave Dave!

big wave dave

If you keep up with my blog, you'll know that I was invited to run the Honolulu Marathon with my client Dave. Because of his bad knee, this was to be his last marathon. 

The plan was that I would meet up with him at mile 16 and then we would run the last 10 miles together; I would be acting as his personal morale booster for the last stretch. If it wasn't bad enough that a storm with high winds and heavy rain appeared out of nowhere the morning of the marathon, Dave was also battling a cold. Though nothing about Dave’s training had been easy, the weather and his cold would be two more challenges that he would have to face and conquer.  

As I waited to join Dave, I began to get nervous. Though I saw many of his friends pass by, I still had yet to see Dave. Was his knee killing him? Was his cold getting the better of him? Before I knew it, I saw Dave's red hat in the distance. Not only was he smiling from ear to ear, he looked great! Big Wave Dave was determined to finish this marathon once and for all. 

Off we went on my longest run in 7 years. Though his knee was giving him issues, he managed to keep going. When I first joined him, we were clicking off 11 minute miles. As we ran on however, our miles slowed to 16 and then to 20. The final 10k was going to take some tenacity, guts, and inner strength. Though his pace had slowed and his pain had increased, Dave's spirit never waned. 

Thankfully the rain stopped, but the sun brought heat and humidity, both of which would add to the struggle. As we approached the last hill going over Diamond Head, Dave was doing a great job. It was coming down the hill that would prove to be the most challenging. Anyone that has ever run downhill with bad knees knows what I am talking about! 

Despite the odds, Dave continued to push through the pain. As we approached the finish line, Dave thanked me and his training partner Eric (who also wasn’t feeling well) for being part of this momentous occasion. As the three of us walked/jogged the last quarter mile we all got quiet and took in the sights and sounds around us, a moment I will never forget. 

Dave, it was an honor and pleasure to have been part of this experience. I look forward to seeing what’s next for you!

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