Erik Taylor
Writer for myfitnesspal, Active. Innovator in Online Training. Husband. Dad. Optimist.
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1 on 1 Personal Training, click to learn more...

1 on 1 Personal Training, click to learn more...


Erik Taylor - Personal Fitness Trainer & Gym Owner

For the past 25 years I have been helping people in Redondo Beach and other Beach Cities like you transform not only their bodies, but also their lives. Though I have completed numerous races and competitions, been inducted into North Central’s Athletic Hall of Fame, and written for popular fitness sites such as, Fabletics, and, my greatest joy comes from being a father and husband first, and helping my clients actualize their fitness dreams second.

So, what are your fitness dreams?

Maybe you want to get in shape for an upcoming event, prepare for your first 10k, or learn how to better nourish your body. Personally, staying strong and healthy for my family is what motivates me each and every day. Not only do my actions help instill healthy habits in my two little ones (ages 3 and 5), it gives me joy knowing that I will be able to keep up with my daughters as they grow into strong young women. I will be able to carry them on my shoulders when Disneyland gets the best of them, walk them down the aisle when they find that special someone, or cheer them on from the sidelines when they make it to the Olympics (hey, a dad can dream!) Whichever path they choose in life, I feel proud knowing they will one day be able to make healthy choices for themselves and their families with the example I have led.

Are you ready to start making your dreams a reality?

Since sharing is caring, and I care about you, I want to share my knowledge and expertise of nutrition and fitness with you. That is why I developed two programs, the Online Fitness Program and the Online Nutrition Program, that will help you become the healthiest, fittest version of yourself. Unlike those one-size-fits-all programs out there, each of my programs will be customized to fit YOUR life. After filling out a questionnaire, I will design a 3 month program that will fit your individual needs, goals, medical history, measurements, and schedule.

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Check out the Online Fitness Program here.

Check out the Online Nutrition Program here.

Want to make a change but not quite ready to commit to an Online Fitness Program or an Online Nutrition Program? That’s totally ok. Most of my online clients start out by subscribing to the newsletter first. The weekly tips (some technical, some motivational) will not only help you mentally prepare for the hard work to come but it will give you a glimpse into what the Taylor Made world is all about. Sign up for my newsletter today and receive 1 free health & fitness tip delivered directly to your inbox once a week.

Every journey begins with a single step. Which path will you choose?