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Getting fit boosts your self esteem, helps you become more in tune with your body and keeps you motivated in every area of your life.

In this 3 month personalized program you will finally get the body you want and deserve!

Expert advice and programming tailored around your unique life
What's in the course?

In this 12 week course, Fitness Expert Erik Taylor will personally guide you to the level of fitness you've always wanted.

The course includes 1 on 1 Skype or telephone sessions and automated weekly tracking that keeps you accountable and Erik up to date on your progress.

Through out the course Erik will adjust the program to reflect your unique strengths and challenges and to best fit it around how you live your life.

90 Days to the body you deserve
Get a free 20 minute consultation with Erik and see how the program can work for you
Erik will email you back to arrange a time for your consult


Initial Consultation

  • Fill out the above form and Erik will contact you to agree a time for a free initial phone or Skype consultation


  • After initial consultation you will receive a questionnaire from Erik that is designed to deliver the following information:
    • Your needs
    • Your goals
    • Your health history
    • Your measurements
    • Your schedule
    • Space & equipment
  • From that data, Erik produces a 3 month program that is built around you.

Ongoing progress assessment

  • Every week throughout the 3 month program you will use a form to email Erik with your measurements and general feedback.
  • In month 1 you will have four 15 minute one on one sessions with Erik to assess your progress
  • In month 2 you will have two 15 sessions
  • In month 3 you will have one 15 session
  • Sessions will be either phone or Skype - whichever you prefer.

Continuous adjustment & support

  • Based on the data in the weekly report Erik will tweak your program to deliver the maximum benefit.
  • The short one on one sessions allow for assessment of form as well as delivering the kind of support and encouragement that you'd expect from a professional trainer.

This is a graphic showing the email process and weekly follow up

About The Course Designer



Erik Taylor

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“I’m a first time mom, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get my body back. I wanted to work with someone I could trust. My mom suggested that I work with Erik, she sees him one on one in Redondo Beach and told me he does online training. He got me started on an exercise program that was easy to follow and some of his workouts included me doing hill repeats while pushing my daughter in the baby stroller. ”

— Sarah